Behind the scenes - building our new webstore

Behind the scenes - building our new webstore

In Autumn of 2022 our small team at Promethean Editions started the process of creating a webstore to sell our product online. Not the most riveting process, we will admit, but a necessity to share the hard work of our team, dedicated to creating the elegant editions of the Promethean Editions catalogue, and to get the products you want from our library to your hands.

With this webstore update came the introduction to our brand of digital downloads for all products, as well as product photography showing you exactly what gets delivered when you order printed items from us. That’s no small feat as we have over 250 published editions in our catalogue ranging from short performance scores, to weighty orchestral study scores and chamber music performance sets. 

The first step in our refreshing process was to establish a production line for pumping out hundreds of consistent photos. The early test shots, according to our Ross (our Publisher and Managing Director) looked a bit flat—too similar to the arrangement of a grandmother's doilies. The team was inclined to agree with him over the clinical nature of the shots. After many trials and tribulations we opted for the arrangement you see now: the publications placed on a table, managed lighting, two well-placed cameras with remote triggers and external display screens, and post-it note guide markers just out of frame.

Over the following weeks Moss, our Marketing Coordinator sifted through the publication library, going from Promethean Edition catalogue number 001 up to 212, then the Lilburn catalogue, the University Edition, and finally the Pruden catalogue. By the end, the photography setup began to look more like a lounge than a workplace, with a cushion on the ground and a cup of tea always at hand.

While this was going on, Ben (our Managing Editor) was spending his time checking everything was printed and ready to be photographed, editing the hundreds of photos, and getting all these publications prepared for digital delivery and ready emailed directly to you.

The next step in the process was of course uploading all the entries to the store, and this time we couldn’t skip the unpublished facsimile editions, that’s another 200+ musical works! To help keep track of everything in this task Moss needed more screen real estate, so we got a third monitor hooked up, to keep track of photos, the existing website, and the new webstore entries. 

This process was relatively straightforward, aside from the facsimile series which required extra attention to update all the covers to the beautiful borderless blue you see today. Our facsimile covers have changed a total of six times over the past decade, and now was the time to get all the scores to the same place – all 238 of them. I am proud to announce that they are now all up to date, and the folders that contain them finally have an orderly structure.

Once all of this was finished Ross was able to come through and proof all the store listings before releasing the website live to you, our talented customers. 

To this day our Website Editor, Brad, is making his way through the facsimile editions, crafting a description for each and every work we have for sale. We’re adding new works constantly.

So, please enjoy, explore the collections, and feel free to email us if there is anything you would like in the webstore.

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