Our Products Explained

At Promethean Editions we make elegant scores to meet musicians' needs. This is why our works are published in several different formats. Below is a list of formats to help you choose what works best for you.

Performance Set

Most of our editions are sold as performance sets. These provide musicians with everything they might need to perform a solo or small ensemble work. These often feature a performance or study score as well as instrumental parts. Digital audio download need to be ordered separately. This is the most common format for small chamber works such as piano trios but also includes some solo works where additional materials are required. 

Performance set of Kickin’ It by Vincent Ho, comprising of a saddle-stitch bound score for the pianist and paperback loose-leaf part for Drum Kit.

Performance Score

All our piano editions and many of our solo instrumental works are presented as performance scores, designed with performance in mind. These scores feature a larger music size for use on the piano’s music desk or your music stand at home or in performance. We endeavour to provide functional page turns within these editions to facilitate sight reading and rehearsal.

Performance Score of Gem by Gareth Farr as a saddle-stitched book for the pianist.

Performance Material

These folios of parts provide ensemble players with their individual parts for rehearsal and performance. These parts are elegantly typeset with consistent spacing and functional page turns being paramount. Parts for many of our band and chamber ensemble works can be found in this format. Pair this with a study score or conductor’s score to get rehearsing with your ensemble.

Performance Material folio of parts for Cloud Folk by John Psathas with looseleaf parts for the percussionists and a saddle-stiched booklet for the pianist.

Study Score

This format is designed to be a reference source and the first port of call for anybody who wants to learn more about a particular work. Orchestral, band, and larger chamber ensemble works are presented as study scores in a clear and consistent manner. The performance material for these works are often available separately (for rental or purchase).

Study score for The Isle is Full of Noises by Christos Hatzis.

Conductor’s Scores

Selected orchestral and large ensemble works are available as a conductor’s score. This larger page format and increased music size is designed to provide greater readability to the conductor or dense works. Coming in B4 sizes, they are generously spiral bound for a lay-flat design and easy page turns.

B4 sized Conductor's Score for Onslaught by Gareth Farr with generously sized spiral bind.