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We make facsimile scores and facsimile performance material available to registered customers.

A number of works by our House Composers which have not yet been prepared for publication are made available in Facsimile Editions. These will be a copy (either photocopied or computer-sourced) of the finished version of a piece which has been either supplied by or prepared for the composer.

Retailers, trade customers, institutions and libraries with requests for this work, please advise your customers and patrons to contact us directly.

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Hatzis, Christos

Stylus (String Quartet)

Stylus (String Quartet)

String Quartet

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Stylus is the third piece in an ongoing series of compositions based on J.S.Bach’s The Art of the Fugue collectively entitled Spring Equinox. The composer was intrigued by the possibility of changing the semantic continuity of Bach’s music (Contrapunctus VII) by means of strategically-placed asymmetrical repetitions. In aural terms the effect is similar to that created by the skipping of the stylus of a record-player. By using repetitions within repetitions, phasing repetitions (where the left or right bracket advances or retreats by a sixteenth-note after each iteration), and by occasionally choosing similar beginning and end points which result in continuous melodic and contrapuntal flow within a loop, he has sought to create a composition which parallels the original but nevertheless possesses a character and style of its own.

Editorial Precision

This product is a reproduction of the composer's original manuscript. It has not been edited or engraved by our experts and may contain errors and/or layout collisions.


The digital version is a PDF download and the bottom of each page is stamped with the details of the purchaser. The print version, available on request, is printed on standard paper with a card cover and bound with a black wire.

Shipping & Returns

Facsimile scores are not available for returns or refunds. Print versions are made to order and digital versions are non refundable. Please see our return and refund policy here for more information.


Our facsimile products are usually formatted to A4 paper size.

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  • Editorial Note

    A facsimile copy of the composer's manuscript of this work is available for purchase as a study score for reference and study. This material is a copy of the original composer's manuscript and is not edited or formatted for publication.

  • End User Statement

    This service is only available to individuals and may not be resold.

  • Copyright

    The provision of this service, and/or circulation of copies of the manuscript, does not constitute the copy as a publication or published edition under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.